Colour Trends for your Home Décor

Colour Trends for your Home Décor

Colours of 2024: Colour Trends that will Dominate your Home Décor

If you’re planning to update your home décor this year, one way to stay ahead of the curve is to embrace the latest colours. There’s a kaleidoscope of fresh new colours coming our way in 2024, from cool coastal blues to warm, earthy tones and deep, dark shades of black. 

Ready to dive in? Here are the colour trends you need to know for 2024.

This Year’s Key Colours for Interiors

Back to Nature with Earth Tones

While cool grey tones have ruled the interiors scene for the past few years, we’re now seeing a return to warmer hues: think earthy brown, beige and even gold, inspired by the natural world. Try basing your colour scheme in grounding, autumnal shades of taupe and accessorise with burnt orange velvet cushions for a pop of colour.

A Walk in the Forest

The outdoors theme continues with one of this year’s hottest colours – we’re talking about every shade of green, from pale sage to deep forest green. Choose a green area rug or a pair of dark green velvet cushions to infuse your living space with a sense of vitality and renewal. It’s also a great way to pick up the colour of your house plants and flower arrangements.

Be Bold with Black

One of the strongest interiors trends emerging for 2024 is the return of black as an accent. While it makes a strong statement, black is surprisingly versatile – it looks perfect in a modern industrial interior, and pairs well with vintage carpets and dark wood in a traditional setting. Try an abstract carpet with black highlights to add depth to your living space, or punctuate your decor with glossy black statues or inky velvet cushions.

Catch the Wave with Sea Blues

Cool and calming, this year’s most wanted shades of blue look to the coast for inspiration. Try a serene shade of mid blue on a feature wall, opt for teal and turquoise tones on a carpet, or dress your sofa with royal blue cushions for a dash of ocean-going charm. You can even take the look outside, with blue and white outdoor cushions to bring the beach to your patio.

How to Embrace Colour in 2024

As well as ushering in a new palette, 2024 also brings us new ways to play with colour. One trend to try is tone-on-tone: decorating a room in various different shades of the same colour for a designer look. And if you’re not sure about introducing a whole new colour scheme to your room all in one go, why not experiment with a smaller trend zone? Choose a bookshelf or a defined nook and update it with accessories that you can easily swap out when a new colour trend comes along.

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