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Home Accessories Bundles In Dubai

The Smart Way to Buy Home Accessories in Dubai
When you’re decorating your home, the right home decor accessories can make all the difference – and you’ll make even more of an impact if you add a variety of different sculptures, vases, and boxes to a space instead of just a single piece. But how can you make sure that the accessories you choose complement each other perfectly?
At Knot Home, a home decor in Dubai here to help you curate a set of accessories with confidence and flair. Not only have we put together the finest selection of home decor finds in Dubai, but we’ve also created a collection of bundles that take the hard work out of interior design. From coordinating ceramic jars to matching small sculptures, our selection is packed with perfect pairings that you’ll want to show off.
Even better, buying our ready-made accessories bundles works out cheaper than buying each piece individually. So you’ll be making a saving as well as upping your interior style game.
Bundle and Save Accessories at Knot Home
All of our accessories mix premium materials – think glass, marble, or porcelain – with a contemporary design aesthetic. As a result, many of our decor accessories will sit happily in the same room together. So how did we set about curating our bundles?
Firstly, some things simply work better in matching sets. Bookends, for example, are best bought as a pair so that you can support a row of books at both ends. Our sets include marble-based and horse-figurine bookends to add a decorative touch at the same time. Similarly, stylish hosts will appreciate complete sets of coasters, decorative trays & plates.
Then there are the decorative accessories that pack even more of a punch in groups of two or three. The trick here is to play with proportion. So instead of simply combining two identical glass vases, we might pair one tall, slender vase with a shorter, wider vase in the same colour and material. Similarly, when we put statues or candle holders together, we’ll make sure to vary the heights to add visual interest to the set.
But don’t think that the accessories in a bundle necessarily have to match. A set of three different ceramic vases can still form a harmonious arrangement if the colours complement each other. And a contrasting pair of statues in black and white makes a powerful statement in any room.
Ready to curate your own look? Explore our selection of decor accessories, and decorative cushions Dubai at Knot Home.