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At Knot Home, home decor in Dubai believes that luxury is to be found in the things that you use every day. That’s why we’ve designed a collection of trays, plates and candle holders for our Dubai store that you won’t want to hide away in a cupboard – they’re the interior accessories that you’ll show off throughout your home and reach for time and time again.

Candle Holders
Lighting candles around your living space is one of the best ways we know to create a warm, welcoming glow, whether you’re hosting guests or simply relaxing in the evening.

Our designer candle holders come in thoughtfully curated bundles so that you can light your home your way. You might want to place candles in different spots throughout a room, or arrange a set of candle holders together in one place to create an intriguing focal point. The trick is to use candle holders of different heights (and perhaps even different widths) to create variety that’s pleasing to the eye.
As with all our home decor accessories, the candle holders in our Dubai store have been beautifully designed and crafted from high-quality materials such as marble and gold-toned metal to make a luxury addition to your interior – even in daylight.
Decorative Trays and Plates
How to make every day feel special? From dinner parties where you’re looking to impress your guests to breakfast in bed on lazy Sundays, our collection of table lamps in Dubai, decorative trays, and plates will inject some serious style into your home life.
Our collection includes natural stone coasters with gold plating around the edge to protect your table surfaces while adding a dash of colour to your lounge or dining room. Decorative trays, meanwhile, are not just for serving food (although they’ll make even a cup of tea feel like a special occasion). In marble or brushed metal, plain or patterned, our trays are also the perfect place to store everything from your coasters to the TV remote control.
And when it’s time to sit down at the table? Our decorative china plates are designed with meticulous attention to detail, with elegant touches such as gold edging around the rim, and bold, modern patterns in black on a white background to make a strong style statement.
Discover the decorative accessories that will add a luxury note to your daily life. Shop our selection of candle holders, trays and plates at Knot Home.