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A natural focal point in any room, a bold statue will always catch the eye, adding flair to your living space. Not only that, but a well chosen sculpture can also complement the rest of your decor, defining the colour scheme and pulling everything together.

Unlike a vase or a cushion, a statue is purely decorative. You can’t sit on it, switch it on or put flowers in it. But that doesn’t make it any less essential. Like any artwork, statues and sculptures are an expression of your own taste and personality, and play a key role in making your living space unique.

That’s why we’ve created a collection of some of the most striking home decor statues in Dubai. Here at Knot Home, Home decor in Dubai we consider sculptures to be the ultimate accessory: an opportunity to be creative with your interior.

Designer Sculptures in Dubai

Whether you’re looking for a tactile sculpture to adorn your office desk, a modern statue to set the tone in your hallway or a modern conversation piece to take pride of place on your coffee table, you’re sure to find something in our designer statue collection that captures your imagination.

Curated in Dubai, our home decor sculptures are crafted from the finest materials for a luxury aesthetic: think cast iron, marble, glass and ceramics. You might find a brushed metal abstract figure on top of a marble base, for example, or a modern combination of ceramics and glass.

When it comes to design, we have a sculpture to suit every mood. Serene ceramic figures make the perfect companion for a writing desk or reading nook, while animal figurines, board games and oversized chess pieces create a more playful feel. Abstract sculptures, meanwhile, feature bold silhouettes and strong colours, punctuating your space with black and gold.

Finally, we’ve also put together a selection of sets and bundles for even greater impact. Whether it’s matching paperweights in two different sizes or pairs of bookends that face outwards to frame your books beautifully, our sculpture sets have all been carefully designed to sit beautifully together and enhance your living space, wherever you choose to place them.

Inspired to explore the best sculptures and statues, home accessories in Dubai? Browse our collection of ceramic figures, decorative game boards and sculpture sets to find a work of art that will bring your interior to life.