Designer Bundles

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Designer Bundles

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Soft, stylish and welcoming, cushions are an instant makeover for your interior. They’re a great way to introduce colour to a room, or add texture to a minimalist decor scheme – and there’s a wide variety of decorative cushions in Dubai to choose from. But with so many options available, how can you find the perfect mix of patterns, fabrics and cushion shapes for your living room or bedroom?

At Knot Home decor accessories, we’ve used our know-how to make it easy for you to create a designer aesthetic in your home. Our expert team in Dubai has put together a collection of decorative cushion bundles in a broad range of designs and colour palettes, so you can find a coordinated set to suit any style of sofa. And with bundles available in groups of three, four or five, you have plenty of options when it comes to arranging your cushions: will it be matching pairs on each side for perfect symmetry, or a set of three decorative cushions for a more relaxed look?

Decorative Cushion Bundles in Dubai

What makes a great cushion bundle? Here at Knot Home decor in Dubai, we believe it’s all about keeping everything in balance: the best decorative cushion bundles include plenty of variety for visual interest, while making sure that everything still adds up to a harmonious whole.

In terms of colour, you might find two plain cushions in a bold colour accompanied by a pair of patterned jacquard cushions that pick up the same hue within the design. Or you could see the primary colour from one cushion echoed in the piping used in another. We’ve also created variety by mixing different fabrics within the same bundle – for example, teaming smooth, shiny cushions with another pair in plush cotton velvet.

When it comes to our three- and five-piece cushion bundles, meanwhile, we love adding an accent cushion into the mix. These smaller rectangular cushions often feature a strong contrast colour or a playful modern print to make an eye-catching centrepiece for your sofa cushion arrangement.

Looking for the best selection of cushions online in the UAE? At Knot Home, our decorative cushion bundles include a mix of soft velvets, contemporary jacquard patterns, contrast piping and more to give you plenty of luxury options for your bed or sofa. Explore our collection of designer cushion bundles at Knot Home, and give your home an instant refresh.