Unique Figurines That Add Character to Your Space

Unique Figurines That Add Character to Your Space

Looking to put your personal stamp on your living space? Adding sculptures and statues to your decor is a beautiful way to transform your home into a vivid reflection of your style and personality.

Here at Knot Home, our interior designers love using quirky sculptures to breathe life into a room and make it pop. Read on to discover how home decor sculptures can add character to your space, and discover our expert tips and tricks for styling with sculpture.

Make Your Home Unique

There’s no downside to adding sculptures to your decor. In the first instance, a distinctive piece like one of our bronze animal statues is your shortcut to expressing your individuality. Even if the rest of your decor is relatively neutral, a unique and eye-catching sculpture will create a focal point in any room, and help you put your own style stamp on your home.

Start a Conversation

A well-chosen sculpture doesn’t just look pleasing; by catching the eye, it also makes a great conversation starter when you have guests round. Whether you opt for chess piece figurines to spark a discussion about the game or an abstract figure that’s open to interpretation, a collection of home sculptures is a wonderful way to get the conversation flowing.

Amplify Your Style

If you have a strong sense of style, choosing statues that align with the rest of your decor will amplify your aesthetic throughout your home. For example, if your style leans towards the playful end of the spectrum, you might want to echo that with our decorative horse statue, or a pair of gold-beak lovebirds, which would fit in beautifully with an eclectic decor scheme. Dedicated minimalists, on the other hand, might prefer the elegant lines of our stack and outline sculpture in black and white. 

Add Texture to Your Decor

You can use sculptures in many different ways to add texture to your interior. One style tip we love is to repeat the same motif throughout your home – for example, if you have a sofa cushion that features a horse motif, you can echo this with a bronze horse statue in the hallway to create a sense of cohesion. Similarly, you can use sculptures to pick up on different colours and textures, perhaps pairing a glossy ceramic figurine with a shiny mirror, or placing an organic stone sculpture next to a pot plant.  

Create a Modern Treasure

Design aficionados have treasured statues and sculptures ever since ancient times – think of all those Roman marble statues that now sit in museums, for example. When you invest in sculpture for your home, you’re choosing a piece of art that you’ll treasure for a lifetime and eventually pass down through the family. Look for high quality materials such as bronze and marble, coupled with the best in modern design, to find a contemporary heirloom that will stand the test of time.


As we’ve seen, statues make a wonderful addition to any style of decor. If you’re seeking unique home accessories in Dubai, take a look at our collection of statues and sculptures at Knot Home. From intriguing abstract figures to playful animal ceramics, there’s something to suit every style.

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