7 Home Décor Ideas for Ramadan

7 Home Décor Ideas for Ramadan

7 Home Décor Ideas for Ramadan

Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, prayer, and reflection, is a time of spiritual renewal and communal celebration. If you’re welcoming friends and family into your home for iftar this Ramadan, why not freshen up your living space with modern home décor accessories to create a warm and inviting ambience?

Here at Knot Home, we’ve put together seven tips for transforming your home with thoughtful Ramadan decor.

Roll Out the Red Carpet for your Guests

Whether you choose a traditional carpet with an ornate pattern or a contemporary carpet to match a minimalist interior, a designer carpet is an instant makeover for your living space. Place a runner in your hallway to create a welcoming vibe, or use a large carpet to define a zone in your living room where guests can sit back and relax after eating. 

Add Versatile Seating for Extra Guests

Ramadan is a time for getting together with friends and family – and the more the merrier. How to accommodate unexpected guests? Here at Knot Home, we can’t get enough of versatile porcelain stools. They’re perfect as occasional tables, and can also be put to good use when you need extra seating around the dinner table.

Scent Your Home for Ramadan

Creating an inviting ambience in your home includes all the five senses, so don’t neglect your sense of smell. Oil diffusers give you the opportunity to infuse your home with your favourite scent, and set the scene for the perfect Ramadan gathering.

Fill Your Home with Flowers

Ramadan falls in March this year, making it a wonderful opportunity to fill your home with beautiful spring flowers. Make sure you have a spare ceramic flower vase to hand in case any of your guests turn up with a bouquet of fresh flowers as a gift.

Layer Up with Luxury Cushions

Delivering style and comfort, luxury cushions are a can’t-go-wrong way to prepare your décor for Ramadan. Choose a single cushion for a chair in a peaceful prayer space, or opt for a curated cushion bundle to add a little designer flair to your sofa when guests come to visit. 

Set the Table for Iftar

Breaking the fast with friends and family is one of the highlights of this holy month, so take your dinner table up a level for the occasion. A new set of dinner plates will make any Ramadan meal feel special after sunset, or choose a decorative bowl or serving dish for dates and other traditional foods.

Entertain Outdoors

If you have a large family or a wide circle of friends, your get-together might well spill out onto your patio or garden. So welcome your guests outside with an outdoor carpet, garden lighting, and a ceramic stool or two.

Home Decor Ideas in Dubai

Inspired to start preparing your home for Ramadan? Explore the latest designer cushions, carpets and accessories at Knot Home to welcome your guests in style.

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