Mixing and Matching: Creating Cohesion with a Variety of Jars and Vases

Mixing and Matching: Creating Cohesion with a Variety of Jars and Vases

Here’s a design dilemma. How can you embrace a variety of different decorating styles in the same room without sacrificing any of your favourite pieces? If you’re looking to create cohesion in your home while keeping all your most-loved treasures on show, accessorising with jars and vases might well be the answer.

In this guide, we’ll show you how choosing the right decorative jars, vases and canisters can pull your decor together. Through clever use of colour and playing with proportion, you can create a space where any number of decor styles – traditional, modern, vintage or eclectic – can sit side by side in perfect harmony. Here’s how.

Build Your Room Around the Piece You Love Best

Do you have a decor accessory that you can’t live without? Whether it’s an antique sculpture, a treasured wedding gift, or a quirky piece of furniture, it’s a great place to start. 

Don’t think that if you have an antique carpet, for example, that the rest of your decor has to fit into the same aesthetic. You can put together a combination of decorative vases and different types of jars that echo one of its key details. Is there an accent colour you can pick up? Or a motif within the pattern?

Stay True to a Colour Palette

A simple way to create a harmonious look in your home is to choose a colour palette and stick to it. That way, you’ll create common ground across the different decorating styles. For example, a selection of jars and vases in black and white will build a visual bridge between a modern, minimalist sofa and the treasured antique on your mantlepiece.

Remember, too, that what you put inside a vase or decorative jar can also play a part. Fill a clear glass vase with flowers that echo the colour of your cushions, or try adding marbles or candy to decorative glass jars to reinforce your chosen palette. And clever storage solutions such as porcelain jars with lids are the perfect place to hide away any clutter that doesn’t quite fit the colour scheme.

Play with Proportion

As well as looking at the colours of your vases and jars, think about the height too. You might want to balance out a tall sculpture by placing it next to a pair of shorter glass vases; or choose a tall ceramic flower vase to offset smaller accessories.

In fact, balance is the key to achieving a coordinated look in your home. Once you’ve added your jars and flower vases, take a step back and look at the room as a whole. If your accessories reflect a balanced combination of styles – with equal weight given to playful, traditional and minimalist pieces, for example – then you can rest easy.


If you’re looking to create harmony in your living space, visit Knot Home to buy the perfect vase online. Whether it’s a glass flower vase, a porcelain jar with lid, or a carefully balanced set of tall and short canisters, you’re sure to find the right decor accessories to transform a bunch of different decor styles into a cohesive whole. 

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